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Elite Star Medical Transport
Our Mission:

At Elite-Star our mission is simple, we aim to provide you with the best service you require. From Pickup to Drop-Off as a valued member we want to make your transportation needs as simple and seamless as possible.  

Our Services: 
  • Ambulatory Pickup

  • Wheelchair Transport

  • Stretcher Transport

  • Long Distance Transport

  • Full Service Transport 

Why Choose Elite-Star
  • Door to Door Service: Unlike other service providers, we at Elite Star treat our members like family. Thus when we arrive we greet you or your loved one at the door, help get you situated into the vehicle, and ensure your safety by making sure all seat belts are fastened and all safety checks have been performed. We then get you to your destination, help you disembark, and get you checked into your appointment. We also communicate directly with the facility to ensure we pick you up promptly.

  • Our Drivers: Our drivers are simply the best. There is no other way to put it. We ensure our drivers are the best by running detailed background checks, safety checks and provide routine quality assurance to ensure you, our members, are getting the best service. Our drivers project professionalism, care, and an understanding with the ability to solve all your logistical needs. Many of our drivers hail from many different medical backgrounds such as EMT to Nurses so they have experience in dealing with issues you may face daily.

  • Our Vehicles: Our specially ordered vehicles were created with you in mind. All our vehicles are 3 years or less ensuring you have a comfortable trip, our large windows let you enjoy the view, and our instruments for safety give you peace of mind.  Our trucks run through inspections at the start of the day and are thoroughly cleaned and sterilized as needed every trip. We understand the needs of our members and our vehicles meet them to the best of our ability.  

  • Our Technology: Our Technology is unmatched, from driver monitoring to route calculation and efficiency. Using our cutting edge technology we get you from point A to point B in the most efficient and safe manner possible. 

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