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Wheelchair Transportation Service

Wheelchair Transportation Service

At Elite-Star Medical Transport we understand that wheelchair use for many isn't a desire but a need. For this reason Elite-Star was created and it is for them we look to restore independence for. Click here to learn more about us.

What is an Wheelchair Patient?

Wheelchair Accessible Taxi is for those seniors or elderly patients who require mobile or manual wheelchairs to move around. These customers can benefit tremendously from our wheelchair accessible taxi and medical transportation units.  

Your Experience with Elite-Star?

Prior to Pickup: 

Before arriving at your door, staff from our dispatch offices will give you a call to inform you when your non emergency medical transportation is a few minutes away. All vehicles are tracked via GPS which gives the most up to date information. We know your time is valuable and we look to maximize the efficiency of your travel.  

At Pickup:

When your medical transport arrives, the driver will come to your door and assist you to the vehicle. The driver can assist you with your belongings and can even help you secure your home. They will then hand you back the keys and assist you to the wheelchair transport vehicle. The driver will then safely load you into the vehicle and assist placing your belongings next to you. After confirming you are secure, they will notify dispatch and begin the drive to your destination. 

At Dropoff:

During the drop off our drivers are trained to safely unload you from the vehicle and take you to your medical appointment, clinic or any destination you choose. They will then assist you into the building and can assist you in checking in. They will confirm your return trip and let you continue your day.

ITS THAT EASY!....Leave the planning to us and enjoy your day.

Our Vehicles

Known as a wheelchair accessible taxi, our vehicles used for non emergency medical transportation is some of the most versatile in the market.  They can provide wheelchair transport and stretcher transport interchangeably. Our Wheelchair transportation Service can also be used for ambulatory patients and elder transportation. 

Our Services

Click here to learn about our other services!

Don't wait, Book with Elite-Star now and leave the planning to us!

Elite-Star Medical Transport LLC. offers Ambulatory, Wheelchair, and Stretcher Transportation services in Florida. Based in Lake Mary, FL we serve all of Seminole County including Sanford, Winter Springs, Longwood, Altamonte Springs, Casselberry and many neighboring counties. 

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