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Elite Star Medical Transport

Continued Medical Education 

What is Medical Education for a Patient?

Medical Education is the knowledge of the body and can include everything from the skin surface to the organs. This is often the curriculum for most medical professionals who pursue careers associated within medicine. Medical Education for the patient is learning about gaining a better understanding of the diseases or illnesses you or someone you know faces every day. 

What is Elite-Star Medical Transport doing to promote continued Medical Education?

When you ride with Elite-Star Medical Transport you will find newsletters and articles published by some of the most reputable medical information providers. Do you need to learn more about Diabetes, Hypertension, or just the current trends in healthcare currently? Grab an information sheet from off the wall, they are free and created for viewers like you! Although we don't write this information ourselves we gather it from reputable sources only such as the American Diabetes Association, National Institute of Health, and Medline Plus. 

Doesn't my doctor provide me with all the information I need?

While Doctors provide useful information to their patient, every patient should know about their own illnesses or diseases. There is no better judge of what you are going through than yourself. Often times due to the large patient load, many doctors don't have the ability to fully educate their patients about the importance of following their diet plans or taking their medications routinely. While much of the maintenance of your health relies on your doctor, the ultimate responsibility is on you. This is why medical education should always continue, this is the greatest investment you can make!

Is there any cost to me?

There is absolutely no cost for the information provided. It is simply to promote our mission of keeping you informed. Elite-Star Medical Transport will never charge you anything for educational material. Our belief is an informed patient is a healthier patient!

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Is this information enough for me?

Information about yourself can never be enough, rather this is a great starting point. The material selected isn't distributed to change any current treatment you are going through or plans your doctor may have set for you. Rather it is to give you a better insight into the mechanisms of action to the illness or disease you take interest in. 

Elite-Star Medical Transport LLC. offers Ambulatory , Wheelchair , and Stretcher Transportation services in Florida. Based in Lake Mary, FL we serve all of Seminole County including Sanford, Winter Springs, Longwood, Altamonte Springs, Casselberry and many neighboring counties. 

What should I do with this new information?

The information provided is strictly for educational purposes only to promote our mission of a more informed patient. If you have questions your primary care physician is a great wealth of information. Before changing any diet, routine, or medication schedule always consult your doctor. 

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