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"Transportation Services for Bariatric Patients"

Are you or a loved one struggling with transportation to medical appointments due to bariatric needs? At Elitestar Medical Transport, we understand that transportation can be a challenge for bariatric patients, and we are committed to providing safe and comfortable transportation solutions for all patients.

Bariatric patients have specific needs when it comes to transportation, including the need for spacious vehicles and specialized equipment to accommodate their mobility and comfort needs. Here are some of the ways we can help:

1. Bariatric-friendly vehicles: Our cars have roomy interiors that give bariatric patients plenty of space. We provide a variety of vehicles, including stretcher transportation and wheelchair-accessible cars, to meet varied needs.

2. Specialised equipment: To provide safe and pleasant transportation for bariatric patients, we offer specialized equipment, such as bariatric wheelchairs and elevators. The transportation process for our patients is made as easy and comfortable as possible with the help of our equipment.

3. Skilled drivers: Our drivers have received special training to meet the special requirements of bariatric patients, such as assisting with mobility and assuring patient safety while being transported. They are dedicated to providing competent and kind care and have experience working with bariatric patients.

We at Elitestar Medical Transport are aware of the difficulties that ambulatory bariatric patients encounter. We are dedicated to offering all patients, especially those with bariatric needs, secure, cozy, and dependable transportation options.

Don't let transportation challenges prevent you from getting the medical care you need. Contact Elitestar Medical Transport today to learn more about our transportation services for bariatric patients.

or Call us at (407) 917-4548 to Book Now.

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