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Stretcher Transportation

Stretcher Transportation Service

Being one of the few non emergency medical transportation services in Florida to offer Stretcher transportation. We are aware how critical of a need this is for our handicap or disabled patients. Stretcher transportation can be one of the most difficult and most uncomfortable transports for patients. For that reason, we built our custom vehicle to give the most comfortable ride.

Who Needs Stretcher Transportation?

What makes Elite-Star Transport so Elite?

Our Equipment: 

We use the best stretcher in the industry, Stryker Stretchers, as a result we can offer a very smooth transport. Created to go over everything from gravel to smooth roads, these stretchers adapt to the surface extremely well.

Our Team:

Before operating any stretcher unit, the staff are trained rigorously operating stretchers. For that reason you can be assured that when you have a stretcher team answering your call they have passed hours and hours of training. Safety is the priority and our team is trained to handle every scenario with their stretcher. Our team is also trained in HIPAA,Defensive Driving, Patient Sensitivity and Safety procedures.   

Our Other Services

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Stretcher transportation is perfect for patients who are immobile, coming out of surgery, or just simply need more sophisticated transport than a wheelchair. Our expertly trained team will handle all the transport from bedside to bedside. Above all we coordinate with the receiving facility to keep your transition smooth, safe, and efficient. 

Our Vehicle:

Our custom made vehicles are perfect for your stretcher transport needs. All our stretcher transport vehicles can also accommodate up to 3 family members or nurses to ensure the most comfort in your ride. The stretcher trucks are cleaned and washed everyday with regular mechanical checkups.

Don't wait, Book with Elite-Star now and leave the planning to us!

Elite-Star Medical Transport LLC. offers Ambulatory, Wheelchair, and Stretcher Transportation services in Florida. Located in Lake Mary, FL we serve all of Seminole County including the cities of Sanford, Winter Springs, Longwood, Altamonte Springs, Casselberry and many neighboring counties. 

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