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Inhouse vs Outsource Medical Transportation

Medical transportation is an essential service for many people, allowing for those patients to attend appointments, events, and so much more. At Elite-Star Medical Transport, we understand how important medical transportation is. Because of the importance of medical transportation, Elite-Star Medical Transport is working diligently to provide an excellent service at an affordable price.

There are many factors for senior living facilities and rehab centers to consider when it comes to patient transportation in Lake Mary, Florida. Cost is an important factor to consider when comparing the cost of in-house transportation and outsourced transportation. These costs can vary greatly. Here is a breakdown of the estimated costs between the two services:

In-house Transportation Expenses for Senior Living Facilities:

The estimates given below are based on self-performing transportation services per one passenger vehicle or wheelchair van with driver.

  • The cost of one properly equipped ambulatory passenger vehicle or wheelchair van: Ambulatory Vehicle: $23,000; Wheelchair Van: $55,000. The average payment would be $650 -$1000/mo or $7800/year

  • Depreciation: $6,510

  • Annual insurance premiums: $10,000 - $12,000 

  • Annual salary and compensation for one part-time driver:$ 18,000 - $25,000

  • Annual salary and compensation for oversight management time: $12,000 - $40,000+. This figure will vary on the number of vehicles being managed.

  • Driver training and certifications: $200 per driver

  • Driver background check: $30 per driver

  • Annual fuel cost (1-2 fill ups weekly): $5,000

  • Annual vehicle repair and maintenance (oil changes, tires, etc.): $2,600

  • Driver Medical Exams: $60

Total In-House Annual Expenses estimate: $67,000 - $77,000 or $5,583-$6,416/month

Because these are estimates, keep in mind that these figures don't include interest on loans because that can vary greatly. Another large expense that was not included is large vehicle repairs such as engine or transmission repairs.

Outsourced Transportation Costs:

As you can see above, Elite-Star Medical Transport is cost effective and efficient. Above all, our focus at Elite-Star Medical Transport is to provide a clean, safe, and timely transportation service at an affordable price. Therefore our cost effective service can allow senior living facilities and rehab centers to save countless dollars. These savings can play a major role in a facility's budget. 

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